20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (2024)

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (1)

The color blue doesn't necessarily have the best rapport. Between Picasso's Blue Period and the common phrase "having the blues," there's plenty to suggest that the shade is anything but energizing. But we'd like to assert that the hue—in all its many forms—is one you should certainly consider for your ceremony and reception color palette. And the following photos, taken during real couple's celebrations, are here to prove why.

From ocean-colored tablescapes and azure place cards to barely-blue wedding dresses and the prettiest cerulean napkins you've ever seen, there's plenty to suggest that blue is about as dimensional (and wedding-worthy!) as a color can be. The best part? The shade can be modified for any type of wedding style. Punchy sapphire works best for modern parties. If you're throwing a more traditional event, you absolutely can't beat navy. The shade's incredible range—from the deepest indigo to the clearest sky blue—makes it a malleable shade that'll fit right into your ceremony or reception, whatever you have planned.

Another major perk? We've yet to find a shade this hue doesn't play nice with. Blush pink, deep burgundy, pretty peach, and pine green can all pair with blue, and there are plenty more combinations just waiting to be discovered. That's why we've rounded up the prettiest blue color palettes we could find. They'll surely inspire your own color scheme search as you craft that perfect wedding Pinterest board. Whether you're looking to throw an all-blue fête or simply work the shade into your bridal bouquet, ceremony backdrop, bridesmaids' dresses, or lounge space, there's a photo hear that'll wow you.

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Barely-Blue and Mauve

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (2)

If you're a major fan of the shade, don a pastel blue wedding dress on the big day. This shade, enhanced here with beadwork and floral embellishments, is blush pink's sister and makes just as subtle a statement—especially when paired with a mauve bouquet.

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Blue Belles, Mixed

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (3)

Committed to wearing white on your wedding day? Pass the pretty shade onto your bridesmaids, instead. Opt for mismatched dresses that hit multiple points on the color's spectrum, like robin's egg, aqua, and cerulean.

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Dip-Dyed Blues with Pinks and Purples

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (4)

Frame a dip-dyed cerulean place card display (we're loving those subtle streaks of gold!) with blooms in virtually every shade of pink and purple.

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Yellow and Blue

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (5)

Tie the Knot in Santorini's garland featuring blue hydrangea, yellow roses, and cream peonies looks lovely on a beach ceremony structure, but the combination could work at just about any type of venue.

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Bunches of Blue

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (6)

Work your "something blue" into your wedding bouquet by carrying a bunch (like this one, by E Johnston Designs!) with blue hydrangea, white and blush roses, and eucalyptus down the aisle.

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Teal and Powder

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (7)

This acrylic teal and solid powder blue seating chart by Boldhouse Creative doesn't just illustrate a picture-perfect color combo. The juxtaposition of the translucent and the opaque also makes for a dimensional, visually-pleasing display.

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Dimensional Geode

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (8)

Guide guests to their reception tables with sapphire-colored geode place cards, calligraphed with each attendee's name. An accompanying bowl of burgundy, blush, and fuchsia blooms makes for a lovely contrast.

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Royal and Indigo

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (9)

Help your co-maids of honor standout by dressing them in your favorite colorway. Our suggestion? Royal looks even richer alongside an inky navy.

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A Pop of Red

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (10)

This tablescape, styled by Couture Events, is proof that multiple shades of blue can work together (just be sure to vary textures for contras!). Pair a sheer sky-blue runner with see-through cobalt goblets, then add cerulean-brushed throw pillows and ghost chairs to the mix. On the floral front, bowls of violets and blue bells studded with deep red chrysanthemums, like this organic arrangement by Mandy Grace Designs, add an unexpected pop.

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Tropical Peach

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (11)

Peachy peonies, blue hydrangea, leafy greens, and vibrant aloe vera bring tropical, warm-weather vibes to a seaside ceremony arch by De Plan V.

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White and Blue

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (12)

Chinoiserie has long since proven that there's nothing more classic than a blue-and-white color palette. Take a note from Figli Dei Fiori and fill jars with blue and white delphinium to echo the ceramics' tones—add in fresh eucalyptus for contrast.

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Blue, Plum, and Orange

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (13)

Speaking of chinoiserie, the style looks just as fresh when paired with orange and burgundy blooms. A touch of plum—here, in the form of wine goblets—ties the entire look together.

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Gilded Sapphire

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (14)

We love how this reception lounge's casual sapphire couch works with its vintage golden coffee table and bar-cart-turned-side-table, but we're just as enamored with the details (all thanks to Green Apple Events!). A mud-cloth-inspired throw and various pillows help the blue-and-gold combination feel more intentional.

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Velvet Turquoise and Slate

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (15)

The most visually captivating thing about this dynamic tablescape? The velvety turquoise linens from Tono + Co, hands down. A slate ribbon literally "ties" the place setting together and subtly echoes the matte gray dinner plate below.

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Succulent Hues

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (16)

The tonal shades in a succulent—purple-blues, jades, and turquoise—can be the perfect starting point for a color palette. The hues are what inspired this dahlia, peony, and garden rose centerpiece, by Passionflower.

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Aqua and Terracotta

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (17)

This tablescape by Justina Blakeney radiates garden vibes, thanks to earthy aqua dinnerware, terracotta placemats, and macramé linens (woven plant hangers, anyone?). A long stretch of sunshine-colored dahlias, orange co*ckscomb, and blue-green succulents follow suit.

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Black and Blue

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (18)

Throw all of those antiquated rules about not mixing black and blue out the window. These grooms are proof that the two work in tandem, especially when you switch up fabrics and textures.

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Red, White, and Blue

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (19)

To keep this classic color combination from skewing too patriotic, make like Bleached Butterfly and incorporate unexpected details like antlers, gilded apples, and vintage brass vessels.

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Blue, Gray, and Green

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (20)

Break up a solid sky-blue escort card station with a dove gray sign (this one was calligraphed by The Left Handed Calligrapher) and lots of sprawling greens. Wooden lanterns add a natural touch.

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On Its Own

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (21)

Let's be honest—blue doesn't need a supporting color to shine. Wrap your wedding cake (like this one, by Buttercream Bakeshop) in a dimensional shade of sapphire to ensure that it's the star of your reception.

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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in wedding color palettes and design, I can provide you with information related to the concepts used in this article. Wedding color palettes are an important aspect of event planning, as they set the tone and create a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere. In the article, the focus is on the color blue and its various shades and combinations.

The Versatility of Blue

The article highlights the versatility of the color blue and its ability to adapt to different wedding styles. From modern to traditional, blue can be modified to suit any type of wedding. The shade ranges from deep indigo to clear sky blue, providing a wide range of options for incorporating blue into your ceremony or reception.

Blue Color Combinations

One of the benefits of using blue in your wedding color palette is that it pairs well with a variety of other colors. The article suggests combinations such as blush pink, deep burgundy, pretty peach, and pine green. These combinations create visually appealing and harmonious color schemes that can be used in various elements of your wedding, including the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids' dresses, and ceremony backdrop.

Visual Inspiration

The article provides visual inspiration by showcasing different examples of blue color palettes in real weddings. These examples include barely-blue wedding dresses, dip-dyed cerulean place cards, teal and powder blue seating charts, and tablescape combinations featuring multiple shades of blue. Each example demonstrates how blue can be incorporated into different elements of a wedding, creating a cohesive and visually stunning overall look.

Blue as a Standalone Color

Lastly, the article emphasizes that blue can shine on its own without the need for supporting colors. This is showcased through examples such as a wedding cake wrapped in a dimensional shade of sapphire, making blue the star of the reception.

By showcasing these examples and discussing the versatility and beauty of the color blue, the article aims to inspire readers in their search for the perfect wedding color scheme.

20 Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love (2024)
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