Venice access fee: what is it and how much does it cost? (2024)

After years in the making, Venice will on Thursday begin charging day trippers to enter the city in an effort to protect the Unesco world heritage site from the effects of over-tourism.

While the measure has ignited criticism and derision from some, who argue it is unconstitutional and restrictive of freedom of movement – the Venice mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, has compared his “bravery” in enacting the charge to that of the Venetian explorer Marco Polo, in daring to go where others have feared to tread.

In some ways this is true: Venice will become the first major city in the world to adopt such an initiative, and others grappling with the impact of mass tourism are keenly observing.

Venice mayor says he is brave like Marco Polo in charging day-trippers €5 Read more

However, will this bold experiment work in practice? Will it help save Venice, a uniquely beautiful city that campaigners have warned for decades is in peril? And – most importantly, perhaps, for anyone looking to book their trip – how do you buy your tickets?

Why is this being introduced?

According to Simone Venturini, the city’s councillor for tourism, Venice “affixed itself” to mass tourism in the 1960s and since then visitor numbers have surged to the point that during the busiest periods of the year it attracts an average of 40,000 people a day.

That number has put pressure on the fragile lagoon, while pushing residents away from the main island. Brugnaro said he wanted to make Venice “livable” again.

However, the final push to enact the measure came after Unesco threatened last year to put Venice on its list of heritage sites in danger, citing mass tourism and rising water levels attributed to climate change.


While Venice has moved to counter mass tourism in recent years by banning huge cruise ships from chugging through its centre, the city only escaped the potential shame of losing its Unesco status after the access charge was agreed.

How much is the charge and who has to pay?

The “Venice access fee” costs €5 (£4.30). It could be worse – when the idea was first suggested it was €10. Only day trippers have to pay. Residents, commuters, students and children under 14 are exempt, as are tourists who stay overnight. Critics of the scheme say the €5 is unlikely to deter many people.

How do I buy a ticket, and on which dates is one required?

The tickets are bookable online and apply on 29 peak dates between 25 April and 14 July. The dates are listed on the site. You will be provided with a QR code on your phone – guard it as this is the proof that you have paid the fee.

Venice access fee: what is it and how much does it cost? (1)

Hang on, Venice is a massive place with dozens of islands. Where exactly does it apply?

The charge applies only to those entering the historic centre of Venice between 8.30am and 4pm on any of the peak dates. That includes the Rialto Bridge, St Mark’s Square, La Fenice opera house and many other top-drawer tourist attractions, as well as quieter neighbourhoods such as the island of Giudecca.

What if I arrive in Venice without the QR code or I don’t have access to a mobile phone?

Fear not. When you arrive in Venice, says the council, be it by train, bus, or boat, stewards wearing white bibs featuring the city’s logo will guide you through buying the ticket online and downloading the QR code.

Those without a phone can pay at water taxi stations or in tabacchi shops, Venturini says.

The five key entrance points are Venezia Santa Lucia train station, bus terminals at Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto, and vaporetti (water bus) stops at Zattere and the Riva degli Schiavoni, the waterfront that covers the entrance to St Mark’s Square.

How will the measure be implemented?

Brugnaro has promised the system will be imposed with “very soft controls” and “without queues”, rejecting speculation the city would be installing barriers or turnstiles in the streets.

In effect, the authorities hope the measure will be implemented by means of a fleet of 180 personnel, made up of volunteer stewards, council staff and public officials. Those wearing white bibs are there to inform, while those wearing yellow bibs are there to do random checks and have the power to issue fines for those without a QR code.

Venturini said that if you arrived without one and did not approach someone in a white bib for information, and you were then spot-checked by someone in a yellow bib, you would risk being fined.

And how bad are the penalties?

Fines range from €50 to €300. “Don’t worry, nobody will be arrested for not having paid the fee,” said a council spokesperson.

Venice access fee: what is it and how much does it cost? (2024)


Venice access fee: what is it and how much does it cost? ›

The “Venice access fee” costs €5 (£4.30). It could be worse – when the idea was first suggested it was €10. Only day trippers have to pay. Residents, commuters, students and children under 14 are exempt, as are tourists who stay overnight.

What is the Venice access fee? ›

On the above dates, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., the 5-euro entry fee will be charged to every person over the age of 14 entering the ancient city of Venice, with the exception of residents, property owners, students attending universities in the city, and employees who work in Venice.

How much is the entry fee for Venezia 2024? ›

A new trial initiative will require tourists to pay a 5-euro entry fee to enjoy the city's wonders. This move comes after years of deliberation and a few controversies. But the aim is clear: to control and manage the influx of day tourists and ensure the city remains delightful for residents and international visitors.

How to pay Venice tourist tax? ›

How do I pay the Venice Entrance Tax? This tourist and entry tax to Venice will be payable on the dedicated website which will issue a QR code to be presented in the event of an inspection.

How much is the cover charge in Venice Italy? ›

Anybody visiting Venice as a tourist for the day – except those who live in the local Veneto region – must pay the 5 euro ($5.40) charge if they arrive between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.. Tourists staying overnight don't have to pay, as an overnight tax is already added to their accommodation bills.

Why is Venice charging an entry fee? ›

Today Venice authorities launched a pilot program charging visitors a 5-euro entry fee in the hope that it will discourage at peak time, making the city more livable for its residents. Venice has toyed with the idea of taxing day visitors for years, as one of several measures to curb overtourism.

Is Venice impose an entrance fee? ›

It may now cost you extra bucks. Venice has become the first city in the world to charge an entry fee for tourists. This initiative, applicable since April 26, aims at managing mass tourism, charging day-trippers a fee during the busiest days of the tourist season.

What is the new tourist tax in Venice Italy? ›

Tax and technology attorney, professor, podcaster, writer. Venice recently started charging an entry fee — a so-called tourist tax — for day-trippers from April 25 date until July 14. The fee of five euros can be paid once, and it allows access for the day to Venice and the minor islands of the Venetian Lagoon.

Is there a fee in Venice? ›

Using entry fees, Venice is testing a system to manage tourist flows. Day tourists are now charged an entry toll whenever they set foot in Venice's historic center during peak periods. The city began charging day tourists an entry fee of 5 euros (around $5.30) on Thursday.

Do I need a tourist pass for Venice? ›

Who has to book a ticket to visit Venice? Travellers planning on visiting the historic city of Venice will have to register their visit, although those staying the night do not have to pay the entry fee. Visitors arriving by both public transport and private methods must pre-book.

How much is the 5 euro fee in Venice Italy? ›

What is the Venice Access Fee in 2024? It costs €5 and must be paid by day trippers over 14 years old. The fee is known as the Venice Access Fee, and according to Simone Venturini, the local councilor responsible for tourism, around 10,000 tickets had been sold by the time the scheme began at 8:30 am on Thursday.

What happens if you don't pay tourist tax in Venice? ›

What happens if you don't pay tourist tax? You could face a fine of between €50 and €300. Officials will be carrying out random checks for QR codes after you've entered Venice, which wil show if you have paid the day-tripper tax or if you're exempt.

How much is the tourist fee in Italy? ›

Generally, the rate of tourist tax varies from €1 to €5 per day per person. Rome's rates are between €3 to €7 and Milan's are from €2 to €5. The cities with the largest charges, from most to least, are Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan but, as noted, these are generally nominal.

What is the average price of a gondola ride in Venice? ›

The price of a gondola ride in Venice is 90 euros during the day (from 9am to 7pm) and 110 euros at night time (from 7pm to 3am). The price is for up to 5 people and the gondola ride usually lasts 30 minutes but it's possible to extend it by paying a surcharge calculated by reference to the time.

Why are Venice hotels so expensive? ›

Added onto that, Venice has become a tourist destination first and (arguably) a home for locals second. Tourists are therefore seen as a captive market, and willing to spend more for their food, experiences, accommodation, souvenirs, and so on. Hence, prices are higher than they might be elsewhere.

Do you tip in Italy with cover charge? ›


If you review your restaurant bill a see a cover charge (labeled as “coperto”), know that this is not a tip. But rather an extra charge that just about any food establishment charges if you sit down to enjoy any food or drink at their facility.

Is a Venice travel pass worth it? ›

1) Recommended : Venice Pass

This is absolutely the best tourist pass while this card gives access to two popular activities. The Venice City Pass gives you fast track access to the popular Doge's Palace and Saint Mark's Basilica, two top attractions in Venice city.

Do you need a ticket to enter Venice, Italy? ›

Only one ticket and payment is required for those travelling to multiple islands, including Venice. Some daytrippers are exempt from paying the entry fee, although they will still have to book. These include residents of the Veneto region, students, and those visiting family members in the city.

Do you have to pay to enter churches in Venice? ›

It's common knowledge: in Venice, you pay an entrance fee almost everywhere. Even in churches: if in the main cities of Italy it is usually the larger and more complex to maintain churches that charge an entrance fee, in the lagoon capital the ticket is paid in almost all the main churches.

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