Updating the Mets' Top 10 Prospects: Jett Williams, Drew Gilbert, Luisangel Acuna, Brandon Sproat, Kevin Parada and More (2024)

Taking a look at how the New York Mets' top 10 prospects are faring in the minor leagues.

Morgan Rode

Jul 7th 8:31 PM EDT.


Updating the Mets' Top 10 Prospects: Jett Williams, Drew Gilbert, Luisangel Acuna, Brandon Sproat, Kevin Parada and More (1)

Yesterday, I started a series reviewing MLB team’s top 10 prospects.

We started with the Chicago Cubs, and are now going to move on to the top prospects for the New York Mets.

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Mets’ Top Prospects

New York’s top prospect is shortstop/outfielder Jett Williams. He’s 20 years old and was playing in Double-A. He was drafted with the 14th pick in the 2022 MLB Draft.

Williams hit .250 and .263 in his first two minor league seasons, but is batting just .179 across his 11 AA games this season. He does have a .360 OBP and four extra-base hits among his seven hits, and in time, his average should rise.

He’s got a 60-grade arm and a 55 mark for his hitting. He’s got average marks for his arm and fielding, while being just below average with his power.

Williams has an ETA of 2025 according to MLB.com, and considering he’s only got in 11 games so far this season, that seems pretty likely to happen. Williams also had wrist surgery in June and isn’t expected back until at least August, which will delay his chances of being called up even more.

I wouldn’t put too much stock into his lower AA average so far. He’s very young for that level of play, and with more minor league seasoning, should develop into the top-end prospect he’s viewed as.

Christian Scott is one of two top 10 prospects for the Mets playing in the big leagues right now. Scott is a 25-year-old right-handed pitcher who was drafted in the fifth round of the 2021 MLB Draft by the Mets.

He’s made six MLB starts this season. He’s 0-2 with a 4.32 earned run average and 27 strikeouts over 33 1/3 innings. Opponents are hitting .240 against him and Scott has a 1.14 WHIP figure after walking eight.

Scott has a good 3.19 ERA across parts of four seasons in the minor leagues. He has a 2.76 ERA in nine Triple-A starts this season, so he has little left to prove at that level.

Scott has a 60-grade fastball and 55-graded slider and changeup. His control is graded as a 65.

He’s a bit older for a prospect, but at least has already made his MLB debut. He’s a streaming option for all league types, and while he doesn’t have a ton of dynasty value, does look to have a decent career ahead of him.

Drew Gilbert might be in the big leagues now if it weren’t for an injury. He hasn’t played since early April.

Gilbert is a 23-year-old outfielder who was taken in the first round of the 2022 MLB Draft by the Astros. He was dealt to the Mets in the Justin Verlander trade.

Gilbert hit .313 for two minor league teams in 2022 and then had a .289 average for three minor league teams in 2023. In seven Triple-A games this season, Gilbert has a .240 average and .321 OBP.

He’s expected to return to the field soon, and once he gets another month or so of play under his belt, could be called up at any point. Depending on what the Mets do at the trade deadline, Gilbert could get his first taste of MLB action right after that passes - at the very latest, I’d expect Gilbert up in September.

Ryan Clifford is the Mets’ No. 4 prospect and playing in AA. He’s 20 years old, can play the outfield or first base and was taken in the 11th round of the 2022 MLB Draft by the Astros - Clifford was also part of the Verlander deal.

With three minor league teams in 2023, Clifford combined for a .262 average, but has just a .220 average across High-A and Double-A this season. He’s known best for his power and arm, while having an average hit grade and below-average marks in running and fielding.

Clifford looks like the classic power hitter nowadays - low average, high strikeout numbers and plenty of home runs and RBIs. Those guys can certainly be big-time fantasy players, but he’s also got several more levels of the minor leagues to clear before getting a chance to impact an MLB team.

He looks more like a 2026 MLB option than a 2025 one, although a late-season callup next season doesn’t seem too crazy, especially if the Mets do a little rebuilding.

Luisangel Acuna is New York’s No. 5 prospect. The 22-year-old middle infielder and outfielder is playing in Triple-A and was signed by the Rangers way back in 2018. He was traded to the Mets in the Max Scherzer deal.

Acuna, the younger brother of Ronald Acuna Jr., has posted solid numbers across his minor league career, and has a .263 average and .316 OBP in 80 AAA games this season. He’s got 60 grades in run and field, 55 grades in hit and arm and a 45 mark in power.

I’m a little surprised Acuna hasn’t already gotten a shot in the big leagues (because he can play multiple spots in the field). I’d expect him up shortly after the trade deadline if the Mets sell some players off. At the very latest, Acuna should be in the big leagues by September.

When he gets the call, a lot of fantasy owners are probably going to take a chance on him because of his last name, so keep a very close eye on him.

Brandon Sproat is the Mets’ No. 6 prospect. He’s a 23-year-old right-handed pitcher who was picked in the second round of last year’s draft.

Sproat has pitched for High-A and Double-A in his first minor league season. He’s 6-1 with a 1.71 ERA across 73 2/3 innings and has 85 strikeouts over that span.

He has a 2025 ETA, but has already proven to be a quick riser in the minor leagues. Sproat could be a late-season spot start option if the Mets are out of the playoff picture.

Ronny Mauricio is technically on the MLB team, but is on the 60-day injured list after having knee surgery in January. He might not play a single game this season.

Mauricio appeared in 26 games for the Mets in 2023, posting a .248 average and .296 OBP. He had six extra-base hits among his 25 total knocks and also stole seven bases.

He could return late in the season, but I’d expect the team to play things safe with Mauricio, meaning his next chance to make a fantasy impact would be 2025.

Colin Houck is a 19-year-old shortstop playing in A-ball. He was the 32nd pick in last year’s draft and has an ETA of 2027.

In 70 games this season, Houck has a .205 average and .304 OBP. He’s struck out 107 times, but does have 19 extra-base hits among his 53 total knocks.

He’s got 55 grades in hitting and power, 50 marks in running and fielding and a 60 mark for his arm. Houck is still very young, and deep dynasty league owners who roster him should not be all that worried about his stats so far this season.

Marco Vargas is the Mets’ No. 9 prospect. He’s 19 years old and also in A-ball. He was signed by the team in 2022.

Vargas had a .319 average in rookie ball and then a .275 mark across two rookie levels and A-ball last season. He’s hitting just .235 this season, but does have a .373 OBP.

He’s a 60-grade hitter, but has a 40 mark in power. Vargas has average marks for his arm and fielding, and a 45 grade for his running ability. Again. Vargas is a very young player, so the lower average shouldn’t be a big concern right now. He’s drawing walks at a good clip, which is a big positive for him moving forward.

Kevin Parada is the Mets’ No. 10 prospect. He’s a 22-year-old catcher playing in Double-A right now. He was taken in the first round of the 2022 draft by the Mets.

Parada hit .275 in his first minor league season, then dropped to a .248 average in 2023. This season at AA, Parada has a .207 average and .288 OBP. He’s struck out 92 times, but has 20 extra-base hits among his 47 total knocks.

His hit tool is graded at a 45, while his run, arm and field marks are also below average. Parada’s only plus tool is his power - graded at a 60.

Parada is blocked at the MLB level by Francisco Alvarez, but seeing some of his grades, he’d probably be better suited for the designated hitter spot right now. He could get a late-season look if the Mets sell at the deadline, but I think it’s more likely he makes the majors for the first time in 2025.

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Updating the Mets' Top 10 Prospects: Jett Williams, Drew Gilbert, Luisangel Acuna, Brandon Sproat, Kevin Parada and More (2024)
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