Oliver Darcy: NPR Dismisses Right-Wing Attacks on New CEO Over 'Old Tweets Skewering Trump' (2024)

As Twitchy reported earlier, senior NPR editor Uri Berliner has been suspended following the uproar over his piece in The Free Press, in which he argued that NPR had lost the public's trust by moving from liberal-leaning programming to straight-up attempts to damage the Trump presidency. The piece obviously hit a sore spot at NPR, which could have learned something from it and done a little course correction.


As we reported, Christopher Rufo did a deep dive into new NPR CEO Katherine Maher's Twitter timeline and came up with dozens of gems. Maher is a Biden voter and an affluent, white, female urban liberal (AWFUL) who seems really obsessed with race, especially whiteness. She recognizes her "cis white mobility privilege" and yet took a job that could have gone to a person of color. Her pet peeve? Seeing the business class section of the airplane full of white men. "America is addicted to white supremacy," she tweeted.

So she's a full-blown progressive nutcase who only proves what Berliner was trying to say. Mollie Hemingway noted that CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy wrote up the events for his newsletter:

Unhinged CNN propagandist Oliver Darcy describes the racist and bigoted tweets from NPR chief @krmaher merely and inaccurately as "old tweets skewering Trump." He also says only "the right" has problems with her shocking bigotry. Credits @realchrisrufo journalism pic.twitter.com/AfPB4XQBVE

— Mollie (@MZHemingway) April 16, 2024

In case that gets cut off, here's Darcy's take:

NPR is still in the thick of it. After Uri Berliner's scathing essay last week, the outlet's chief executive, Katherine Maher, is facing criticism from the right over old tweets skewering Trump. NPR spokesperson Isabel Lara dismissed the attacks, which have been fueled by right-wing activist Christopher Rufo, saying Maher "was not working in journalism at the time and was exercising her First Amendment right to express herself like any other American citizen."

"Right-wing attacks" over old tweets "skewering Trump." Did Darcy read any of those tweets? She chastised Hillary Clinton for saying "boy and girl," because it erases "non-binary people" and thought that cars would soon go the way of cigarettes.

She apparently hasn't worked in journalism before, so she's a curious pick to lead NPR.

She is even more extreme on “gender” than on race. Fringe nutjob.

— FoiaFan🇮🇱 (@15poundstogo) April 16, 2024

All right, I’m just going to say it: the word “wing” is becoming a bit much. If I’m okay with states making their own ab*rtion rules, not a fan of neo-colonization, enjoy being allowed to opine and physically defend myself, I’m on a wing?

— VoxMerus (@VoxMerus) April 16, 2024

You're "far-right."

I’ve got transportation infrastructure spanning multiple rivers to sell to anyone that thinks the new NPR chief can just ‘switch off’ her unhinged bigotry because of her new job. Or anyone that thinks it doesn’t matter. It matters.

— Keith in Ames (@kch50014) April 16, 2024

CNN certainly understands its audience's pathetic need for all bad news to be sugarcoated and trickle-truthed.

— Arréglalo Música (@arreglalo) April 16, 2024

For being a "media critic," Darcy sure does hate media criticism.

Unless it's pointed in the "proper" direction.

— David X. Henry (@imau2fan) April 16, 2024

This is a good example of why X is so valuable. In the past, hacks like Darcy would have been the only source of info for most people. Here on X you can see the posts yourself and draw your own conclusion.

That’s why the hacks hate X so much.

— Dan Krishock (@dkrishock) April 16, 2024


DEI is today's Klan.
That's not exaggeration. It might even be too polite.

— Cofveve the Wise (@JamieCommie) April 16, 2024

@oliverdarcy the guy who has a history of going through peoples old tweets and dragging them up like it’s a new story.

Too f*cking bad Ollie, you set the rules, now live with them

— Scottie (@BuffaloBlueBear) April 16, 2024

CNN tracked down a kid who made a wrestling meme of CNN and threatened to doxx him.

That response misses the whole point entirely. 🤔She is free to exercise her 1st Amendment rights, but she has to live with the consequences 🤔

— TCR (@TCRFL) April 16, 2024

Berliner exercised his First Amendment rights just like any other American citizen and got suspended for it. Because he was right and everybody knows it.


Oliver Darcy: NPR Dismisses Right-Wing Attacks on New CEO Over 'Old Tweets Skewering Trump' (2024)
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