Building Permits Contra Costa County (2024)

1. Building Permit Forms and Information - Contra Costa County -

  • The ePermits Center allows you to apply online for all building and grading permits, search Property/Permit information such as current projects and application ...

  • Permits can only be issued to licensed contractors or property owners. Form below are required prior to permit issuance. After completing the forms, follow the instructions sent by email.

2. Planning Application and Building Permits | Contra Costa County, CA ...

  • Permit Status and Payments · Building and Grading Permits · Inspections

  • Mock up for new APC Page

3. Permit Portal | Contra Costa County, CA Official Website

  • Building & Planning · Permit List and Forms · Inspection Schedule and... · Health

  • Permit Portal page updated with COVID-19 current business operations.

4. Accela Citizen Access

  • Public Works Permits · Register for an Account · Lookup Property Information

  • All users must have an account to use services or make payments on this site. Register for an account. Follow the steps in our Registration Guide. Apply for ALL Building/Grading permits, Planning Applications and Public Works Encroachment permits here on the ePermits Center. Visit our ePermits Center FAQ, Help & How to Guides page for information on our application processes and navigation help. Saved but incomplete applications with TMP in the record number are automatically deleted 90 days after starting the record. Additional ePermits Center Features: Making a payment? Log in, click Building, Planning or Public Works above then search the application's site address or project number that starts with BI for building permits, CD for planning applications and PW for Public Works. How to Make a Payment Guide (PDF). View Daily Inspection Time Frames (PDF) posted after 8:45AM, Monday-Friday. Looking for historical Construction Permits or Plans? Submit a Records Request (PDF) to request copies.

5. Building & Planning | Contra Costa County, CA Official Website

  • Other Building Permits · Planning Applications · Frequent Planning Requests

  • Find helpful resources on obtaining permits and applications before starting your next construction project.

6. Public Works Permits - Accela Citizen Access


  • Who can obtain a Building Permit? We issue permits to an appropriately licensed contractor, the owner of the property, or to a tenant provided the tenant has ...

8. Applying for a New Building or Grading Permit - Contra Costa County

  • Building Permit Forms · All- Electric Buildings · Permit Cancellation & Refund

  • Detailed requirements for applying for a building or grading permit.

9. Home Improvement Permits | Contra Costa County, CA Official Website

  • Guides to help applicants through the home improvement permitting process.

10. Check Permit Status and Payment Information - Contra Costa County

  • Check Your Permit Status · Check your Building or Grading Permit status through our ePermit Center · Check your Planning Application status through our ePermit ...

  • You can check your permit status and pay your permit fees through our ePermit Center. 

11. Engineering and Plan - Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

  • Click the links above for online submittal. ... The requirement for specific Fire Construction Permits may be found in the California Code of Regulations Title 24 ...

  • Planning & Development

12. Building Permits | Orinda, CA

  • Planning approval is not a building permit. Only Contra Costa County Building Department issues building permits. Each agency has their own application process ...

  • A building permit is required before any person, firm or corporation shall erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, improve, remove, convert or demolish any building or structure. A list of projects that do NOT require a building permit may be viewed here.


  • ... county ordinances and state laws relating to building construction. •. I ... Contra Costa County Department of Conservation and Development. Application ...

14. Contra Costa County - 1-833-My-Permits

  • All City Permits is a full service expediter / runner. We can expedite permit process and get you any type of Building Permit for your project in Contra ...

  • All City Permits is a full service expediter / runner. We can expedite permit process and get you any type of Building Permit for your project in Contra Costa County (Master permit, Sub-permits, Revisions, Standalone permit, Owner/Builder permit, etc.).

15. Building Permit Revisions, Extensions, and Renewals

  • Permits will expire 365 days from the date of issue without approval of a required inspection or if 365 days lapse between approved required inspections. If the ...

  • An application for a permit for any proposed work shall be deemed to have been abandoned 180 days after the date of filing, unless such application has been pursued in good faith or a permit has been issued.

16. How to Apply for a Permit - Concord, CA

  • How to Apply for a Permit · City of Concord Engineering Division (925) 671-3425 / email: · Contra Costa Water District (925) ...

  • City of Concord Accessory Dwellings Units ADUS

17. Where is the Building Department located? - Town of Moraga

  • Additional information, including a Lamorinda building permit application form, may be obtained from the county's website. ... Their telephone number is toll free ...

  • The Town of Moraga uses the Contra Costa County (CCC) Building Department for review, approval and inspection of building permits. The CCC Building Department has a Lamorinda office located at:3685 Mount Diablo BoulevardSuite 120Lafayette, CA 94549

18. Contra Costa County and Residential Accessory Dwellings

  • May 4, 2024 · Building Permit: $3,500 · Lamorina Transportation: $3,723 · Waste Management: $80 · Drainage Review: $175 · Fire Review: $215 · Sewer Impact Fee ...

  • Contra Costa County allows residential second units in certain zoning districts but the permitting process is downright terrifying here. Before we get to the terrifying part, here are some of the development standards: Lot Size. The minimum size of a lot with a primary residence and a second unit

Contra Costa County and Residential Accessory Dwellings

19. Frequently Asked Questions - Alamo Improvement Association

  • Most code compliance issues can be avoided before a project is started if the homeowner applies for a building permit and contacts the County Building Dept. at ...

  • 1. How do I deal with a new, questionable project in my neighborhood?2. Where do I start with local government to undertake a home improvement project?3. How can I help my community by becoming an AIA volunteer?4. How do I become an AIA member?

20. Senior Building Plan Checker -

  • County of Contra Costa. Senior Building Plan Checker. Bargaining Unit: Local ... The Title 24 California Building Codes and other regulations enforced by the ...


21. [PDF] Contra Costa County Montalvin Manor Residential Building Permit ...

  • Why an Amnesty Program? The County's Department of Conservation and Development is responsible for the issuance of permits that are required by code.

22. FAQs • How long does the permit process take? - Contra Costa County

  • Generally, the County's building plan check process takes two to four weeks. Many projects also have to go through local planning application or process as well ...

  • Contact Us

23. New Private Housing Structures Authorized by Building Permits for ...

  • Graph and download economic data for New Private Housing Structures Authorized by Building Permits for Contra Costa County, CA (BPPRIV006013) from 1990 to ...

  • Graph and download economic data for New Private Housing Structures Authorized by Building Permits for Contra Costa County, CA (BPPRIV006013) from 1990 to 2023 about Contra Costa County, CA; San Francisco; permits; buildings; CA; private; housing; and USA.

New Private Housing Structures Authorized by Building Permits for ...
Building Permits Contra Costa County (2024)
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