Skills & Abilities

In today’s economy it is important to wear many hats.


Experience as producer, director, editor and writer. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite. Skilled in production sound, lighting and camera operation.


Experience in web, print and motion design. Generally curious about all things related to fonts, vector art, photoshop patterns and mograph anmation.


CSS, HTML, Wordpress, Drupal and some understanding of that PHP thing. I like to design and I know enough about coding to make my designs work.


I like to think I’m just like Dostoevsky with too short a beard and not enough time. I like to write things unique, catchy and, when they’ll let me, beautiful and inspiring.


I’m an amateur wildlife photographer, who’s really a bird watcher that took a trip to Africa once. Check me out on Instagram.


If being a Millennial isn’t qualification enough, I have experience with Facebook ad campaigns and other forms of social media engagement.

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